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2016 North Charleston Arts Fest

"A pre-festival event, contemporary artist Ife Franklin highlights the importance of slave dwellings with a life-size replica of a slave cabin. 

"The cabin, painted indigo in honor of the indigo the slaves produced, draws attention to the ancestry of slaves, spirits and their dwellings. After a performance of “The Slave Narrative of Willie Mae” in which Franklin calls upon the spirit of her ancestors, the community is invited to write their own messages on the cabin structure to communicate with the souls, spirits and kindred of ancestor slaves. 

"Interactive and powerful, this exhibit turns our attention to an important part of local and national history."

From: Visual arts abound at N. Charleston festival, by Scott D. Elingburg. Special to The Post and Courier Apr 26, 2016

2016 North Charleston Arts Fest

From L to R: Textile artist and South Carolina Artist in Residence Arianne King Comer; Joseph McGill, founder of The Slave Dwelling Project; and Ifé Franklin