IféArt’s Indigo Project. 


My vision is to create a project that honors the lives and history of formerly enslaved Africans/African Americans in the American South, who labored in the harshest conditions to produce indigo and cotton materials. The Indigo Project will provide a historical, artistic and cultural context about the lives of the enslaved. 


The project will involve the creation of an 8 foot x 8 foot wooden structure resembling a slave cabin, which will be completely covered (inside and out) with hand made indigo fabric that will be produced along with a group of volunteers. I will teach the traditional techniques of Aso Adire ( Indigo Fabric making) a resist and dying art form from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria, West Africa.

The cabin will be displayed in a public green spaces or a gallery along with other “objects” ie furniture, utensils etc. The cabin will be built by myself and a team of volunteers. The entire project will be documented using photography and video. The audience will interact with the cabin by entering and experiencing the symbolic and historical representation, through visual media.

Inside of the cabin a screen will be set up to show the audience a video that documents the entire production, textile creation, and the making of the cabin including stories from  the participants’experiences with the project and their ideas and feelings about the history of slavery and race relations in the America.